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Dubsatch Collective present HOME and ROAD

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Dubsatch Collective takes you on a two part journey through their season. After growing up and skiing the same slopes day in day out you become stagnant and it is time to look for a bigger challenge beyond the boarders of the thing you are used to….that’s exactly what Filmer Nate Cahoon and Sam Cohen and their friends did in HOME.

Home: to proceed toward a specified target, as a plane, missile, or location (often followed by in on).


What do you do when you grow tired of sliding down the same slopes you have been on for the greater portion of life? You look for bigger and badder objectives. At home, people have the tendency of becoming stagnant in an environment they are comfortable with, but what does it take to push the boundaries to the next objective? Watch Sam Cohen, Henry Gates, McKenna Peterson and Zach Halverson push that boundary in their own backyard.

Skiers: Sam Cohen, Henry Gates, McKenna Peterson, Zach Halverson

Road: A way or course.


With his newfound confidence in the big mountains, Sam Cohen takes what he has learned from Home and has taken his skills on the Road. With new snow and bigger terrain, Sammo is forced to be patient and research the ever changing snow conditions of the Pacific North West in order for him to accomplish his goal of skiing the North West Couloir of Mt. Shuksan. This route is only safely accessible a hand full of times a year and requires superb snow conditions and weather windows. Click the play button to see if he accomplishes his goals.

All Music by theswordofficial.com


Dubsatch Collective, Nate Cahoon, Powder