There’s a revelation going on these days, uniting one and two-plankers on the search for finding and surfing those white waves sans bindings. Konvoi, a small brand based in the Allgäu region of Germany, envisions, crafts, rides and refines powsurfing devices par excellence.


Driven by the idea to create and offer boards that are ready for the whole mountain, their boards are elaborate power tools. The key element is a tip-to-tail 3D design that offers a very intuitive turning behavior blended with precise control and effortless float. So agile, so easy, incredible pop, rails that let you hang into those turns like you never thought possible without bindings…


The wood core construction is super light and built to last. The purpose-developed pads ensure you are in control and at ease while you serve yourself some fresh and pure snowsurfing thrills.


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