Founded in 2019, MGg is a Swiss brand based in Verbier that creates high performance technical outerwear, winter apparel, and accessories. They are the first and only “radically transparent” outdoor clothing brand, and all their products are made in Europe. From Day Zero, MGG committed to sharing with their customers information and data which other brands are often simply too afraid to share, or indeed can’t share, because it would destroy their business model.


MGG gives their customers all the information that they need to make a fully informed decision about their purchase, from in-depth details about their manufacturers’ working conditions, to a precise breakdown of the different costs that go into producing their products, and even the profit that they make on each unit sold. This unique approach is designed to bring their customers emotionally closer to the products that they wear, and also to lift the lid on an industry which up until now has often been far too opaque.


In 2021, MGG launched their “Bound By Snow” campaign. Seeking to challenge the status quo, they did what no other brand had done before and made their annual Transparency & ESG “Snow Report” the focal point of their various marketing initiatives.


MGG has also recruited a talented athlete team, including 2022 Freeride World Tour champion Maxime Chabloz and freeski legend Tanner Hall, to represent their product and help guide product development. Check out their interview with Tanner here.


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