Round One of ESOTY 2018 wrapped up last week, with 23 men and 15 women fighting it out to reach the next round. Now, the top-voted eight men and eight women advance to the Quarterfinals. It’s head-to-head from here until our two winners are decided!


Voting in the ESOTY Quarterfinals is open until 8:00PM on Saturday, December 15. You May vote once in each head-to-head battle.


Mathilde Gremaud vs. Arianna Tricomi

Emma Dahlström vs. Giulia Tanno

Jennie-Lee Burmansson vs. Johanne Killi

Sarah Hoefflin vs. Rosina Friedel


Henrik Harlaut vs. Øystein Bråten

Candide Thovex vs. Jesper Tjäder

Hugo Burvall vs. Markus Eder

Fabian Bösch vs. Andri Ragettli

Thanks for voting! Check back next week to vote in the semifinals.