Kläppen Snowpark – Sweden’s best snowpark


During the winter Kläppen has three snowparks in different difficulties. In the summer, Kläppen Arena offers an airbag, dry slope rail setup and trampolines.


There are three snowparks located around the Kläppen mountain. The smallest one, Junior Snowpark (green), is where you should start your park riding. When you think that one is too easy, you can continue to the Blue line. Here the jumps and rails are a bit more difficult, but a good step before going up to the big park —aka Kläppen Snowpark. In the big park you’ll find two lines with jumps, one red and one black, a rail park with a bunch of different rails and features, and a halfpipe.




The Swedish national snowboard and freeski teams often hold their camps here. In other words, if you like to jump, ride rails and halfpipe, you’ve come to the right place.


Kläppen Snowpark was founded during the 2000/2001 season by Kläppen Ski Resort’s current CEO, Gustav Eriksson, a former pro snowboarder. That’s a big reason why Kläppen puts so much effort into making Kläppen Snowpark the best snowpark in Sweden.


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