Located in the Swiss canton Graubünden and consists of the towns of Films, Laax, and Falera. With its young, laid-back lifestyle and investment in the expansion of its snowparks and freestyle elements both on and of the slopes, the freestyle scene regards LAAX as the place to be. With four snowparks featuring a wide range of boxes, rails, kickers, waves, and the world’s largest halfpipe every freestyle is sure to find its flow. Beginners and advanced riders can experience a world of fun here and perfect their tricks. In the ‘Beginner’ snowpark, curious novices can make their first freestyle attempts and learn the basics. 


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The Snowpark

The ‘II Plauns’ snowpark offers various obstacles with additional kicker lines for medium-level riders looking to take their skills to the next level. In the ‘P60’ snowpark, riders of every level can take on elements extending over the entire slope. There is something for everybody here. A particular highlight is the ‘NoName’ snowpark, which features the world’s longest permanently operated halfpipe and the Kicker Pro-Line. It is also the venue of the popular LAAX OPEN – the biggest and most important snowboarding competition in Europe.



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Laax Snowpark Map