Région Dents Du Midi


Encompassing six Charming villages perched high in the swiss alps near the southeastern end of lake geneva.


Nestled in the spectacular Val d’Illiez, these villages are part of Les Portes du Soleil, the world’s largest international ski area with over 600 kilometers of slopes between Switzerland and France accessible with one pass.


Veritable Nature Preserve… for powder!

In large part, the Région Dents du Midi landscape is virtually untouched. Ski lifts hide among the trees on wooded mountainsides and the slopes slalom discreetly through alpine forests and pastures, following the lay of the land and dotted here and there with centuries-old chalets. The area enjoys excellent snowfall from mid-December to late April, with an accumulated average snow depth of almost 7.50 m per year, as well as an impressive variety of ski slopes ranging from wide well-groomed boulevards to one of the steepest ski slopes in the world, the Swiss Wall.



Reigon Dents Du Midi Mountain


All this means that the Région Dents du Midi offers a truly unique kind of skiing; the ski safari, from resort to resort, from valley to valley and from one country to another…



Region Dents Du Midi Mountain Range



As the main season gets underway, the park offer begins to multiply. First up is the Easy Park, which opens in December. It’s followed by the Central Park in January and the South Central Park in February. Once all of the parks are open, you can ride up to 20 features in one run.