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Why skiers are raving about Pyeongchang’s insane Olympic Slopestyle test course

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Is this the best slopestyle course since... ever?

Due to the time difference, it was already morning in Europe when the social networks started to fill up with pictures from the pre-Olympic slopestyle test event in Phoenix Park, South Korea. Why?

Because the course looks absolutely amazing, and when Henrik Harlaut calls a feature “possibly the dankest money ‘boot her’ I’ve seen in a slopestyle course,” you know you can trust him.

South Korea WC course previewHere’s a quick zip through the slope course here in Pyeongchang! By far the most innovative course I’ve ever hit! This is why slopestyle skiing is so sick. Always keepin’ it fresh and interesting. Stoked for the contest! #Pyeongchang2018 #SouthKorea #NoShortcuts #SagaFam

Post by McRae Williams on 15 February 2016

Course Preview!Kleiner Einblick in den Süd Koreanischen Parcours. #testolympics

Posté par Swiss Freeski Team sur mardi 16 février 2016

It seems like this slopestyle represents a new direction in course design, with loads of creative transitions and transfer options and only one “normal” kicker.

“This slopestyle is unreal, there are so many options and transitions, and I’ve never seen anything like it… maybe the B&E Invitational,” says JF Furrer, a coach for the Swiss Freeski Team. “There is only one normal jump, but there are some crazy and huge gaps. You will see so many different runs on this course that will make slopestyle cool again. The only problem at the moment is, it’s pure ice because it was raining for two days and the temperature dropped below zero.” Luckily the weather looks good for the next days, and the temperatures will stay cold.

DSC07365Photo by Luca Tribondeau – check out Luca’s blog to see more great photos of the course

We hope that the riders choose to enjoy this course’s uniqueness by riding it creatively, rather than just picking the biggest features to land their standard doubles and triples. “Our strategy is definitely to be creative, and send it on the last one,” says Furrer. “It’s pretty big, that one.”

We also hope that the judging will support the choice of creative lines, and we hope that the freeskiing community will grab hold of this opportunity that FIS has presented.

“The organization is perfect! The people here are super nice and helpful,” says Furrer. “Yep, now you can’t say ‘Fuck FIS’ anymore!”



👌 Cool. 🇰🇷🇨🇦 #pyongchang #korea #olympictestevent #canfreestyleski

A photo posted by Kaya Turski (@kaya) on

Possibly the dankest money ‘boot her’ I’ve seen in a slopestyle course 🙏🇰🇷

A photo posted by Henrik Harlaut (@henrikharlaut1) on



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