In 2024 the Jib League returns for a second edition at the Nordkette above Innsbruck. Hai Yenn


Feb 23 - Feb 28, 2024 Highlight

Jib League Nordkette


It’s back! The alternative contest series brought to life by James “Woodsy” Woods, Øystein Bråten and Ferdinand Dahl returns for a second season.

As in its debut year, the first stop of Jib League goes down on the Nordkette above Innsbruck. Beginning with an Open Jam on 24 February and continuing with a three-day Pro Session, this event will kick off what’s sure to be an epic second season for Jib League.

Need a reminder of what Jib League is all about? Check out the recap from last year’s inaugural event at Nordkette.

Jib League S01 E01 SLVSH YouTube

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