By: Roy Kittler February 02, 2017

Friday 10th February 2017 at 12 noon the first ever Legs Of Steel ‘Sketchfest’ will be kicking off with an all time team battle contest. The winning team receives one wild card to compete at the Red Bull Playstreets and 4 VIP packages to join and support their chosen competitor.

Sketchfest will be a day of laughs, slams, spins and of course fun for all!

Teams will endure a grueling series of contests in which they will have to work together to formulate their overall score, you can only win as a well formed team. From spin to win, longest hand drag, backflip runs and of course a crowd- pleasing train.

Besides experiencing a thrilling show by the teams, spectators can take part in a scavenger hunt for free drinks at the after party. Furthermore, they are part of the judging system, so the teams better make sure to bring along their friends for support.

For the perfect finish and after party event, we teamed up with the Hungerburg Hills Festival, which will take place directly after and next to the contest area at Cloud 9 at 1905m sea level.

Frequently asked questions:

How many people in a team?
4 people make up a team. Teams need a name and bonus points are awarded for fancy dresses.

How do I enter?
Write down the team name including the names of the members and the chosen captain and e-mail it until Sunday, 5. Feb, 2017 to:
The captain is responsible for administrative things before and during the competition, but NOT automatically the possible RB Playstreets participant. This can be decided by the (winning) team after the contest.

How many teams can enter?
We are limited to 6 teams in total.

Do I need 4 people in a team?


When does the comp start?
12 noon at the skyline park chairlift.

When does the comp finish?


What are the series of contests?
Your team’s final score will be calculated from a series of 4 main categories and small fun bonus categories (which will be announced later on)

Main categories:

  • Longest hand drag – each team member will perform their longest hand

    drag on the HD feature. Each member’s attempt will be measured and together you will have your hand drag length. In addition, this is the first official hand drag world competition ever.

  • Spin to win – each member of your team will have the chance to put down their biggest spin on the LOS jump. The degree’s of each spin landed will be added together to make your team result.

  • Backflip Insanity – each member of your team will have 1 run to do as many backflips as possible in our venue. Teams can use side hits, jumps and transitions to do as many backflips as they can – again, this total number will be added together for a total team backflip count. (Backflip mute grabs scoring double)

  • LOS Train – your team will perform a classic “LOS Train” each hitting the LOS jump in succession/side by side with your best tricks. The train will be judged by Legs Of Steel in addition to the crowd pleasing factor and awarded a score out of 100.

    Who will be the winner?
    The team with the most points accumulated will be the winner. The winning team will nominate their best member for the Red Bull Playstreets Wildcard.

    What is the scoring system?

    (Hand drag 1 + hand drag 2 + hand drag 3 + hand drag 4) cm
    (Spin 1 + Spin 2 + Spin 3 + Spin 4) degrees
    (backflip run 1 + backflip run 2 + backflip run 3 + backflip run 4) backflips X
    LOS Train score/100

  • What are the prizes?
    1x Wildcard to Red Bull Playstreets
    4x VIP Tickets to Red Bull Playstreets in Bad Gastein.
    Free drinks for After party at Hungerburg Hills Festival at Nordkette.

    Entry Fees? No entry fees.

Will we get free lift tickets?
Yes your names will be on a list at the ticket office at the Hungerburgbahn on the day.

Will I receive FIS points from the results?
Even though it’s the first hand drag world competition – Sketchfest is not yet recognized by the FIS.

Comp history?

No comp history

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