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Spring Battle 2017

By: Roy Kittler February 14, 2017
Lot's of fun and air-time will be provided at the 16th Springbattle Flachauwinkl

2017, both the World Snowboard Tour and the Association of Freeskiing Professionals upgraded the event to a WST Elite Level Event and an AFP Gold Event. The men’s top 40 and women’s top 10 in the WST and AFP ranking will have a save spot at Spring Battle, so a number of high-class athletes will definitely be taking part in the contest again. Still, anyone who feels like challenging international contest riders and riding the demanding setup is welcome — the event is open for all, men, women, freeskiers and snowboarders.

Big names are sure to come and rip through the park

Riders love the follow cam jam session format of the Slopestyle contest. Follow cam what?... No worries, it’s easy to explain: Just team up with a buddy or filmer, film each other’s runs for a couple of days until you capture a good one on video, and hand in the uncut video for judging. The team constellation is totally open, anyone can team up and even mixed teams are allowed. Creativity and style are the key factors for a good score, not the filming technique, and the contest will be judged in four categories: snowboard men and women as well as freeski men and women.

Absolut Park Springbattle timetable

Even though the Spring Battle has the vibe of an easygoing jam session, the prize money is worth 70.000 US dollars, so taking part definitely pays off! As the number of participants is limited, we highly recommend you to sign up and transfer the entry fee until March 4, 2017, to get one of the open spots.

For more information about the Spring Battle 2017 and the Absolut Park, head to www.absolutpark.com.