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Anon and Strava team up

Get moving with the Anon Optics x Strava Challenge

By: Matt Masson January 31, 2023

Complete 5 hours of activity within 16 days on the strava app to unlock exclusive giveaways from Anon.

Join the Anon Club here, and with 5 hours of activity within 16 days, you will be eligible to receive a 25% discount to shop Anon products, along with the chance to win 1 of 10 seamless kits that include a helmet, goggle, and MFI face mask!

The "Let's stay active with Anon Challenge" is designed to keep you immersed in the moment, regardless of conditions. Your participation is up to you, whether it be skiing, touring, cycling, climbing, or running throughout the winter season, your 5 hours of activity count towards exciting giveaways from your friends at Anon Optics. So bring your Strava friends along for the ride, and even make some new ones through our Anon Strava Club, all while staying up to date on the latest news within the challenge. Good luck, and get out there!

Applicable Sports: Ride, Alpine Ski, Backcountry Ski, Hike, Nordic Ski, Run, Walk, Snowboard, Snowshoe, E-Bike Ride, Velomobile, Rock Climb, Handycycle, Wheelchair, Surfing

Duration: From 4th of February until the 19th of February 2023.



We expect all athletes to honor the Strava Community Standards, which includes abiding by all health advisements and restrictions in your area prior to undertaking any physical activity.
Participating Countries:
To learn more about how to use Strava, please visit the Strava Support Center. Please contact Burton Sportartikel GmbH for all other inquiries. Prize eligibility and fulfilment is at the sole discretion of Burton Sportartikel GmbH. Burton Sportartikel GmbH may require you to provide certain information to validate your identity in order for you to collect a reward or prize they are offering in connection with your completion of the Challenge. Please see Burton Sportartikel GmbH's promotion rules for more information.
The reward is open to all athletes from the following countries; Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, France, United Kingdom & Italy. Wavecel Helmets cannot be shipped to Germany, alternatives will apply here. Non-listed regions can still participate, yet will not be eligible for any reward.

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So if you're looking to take your fitness to the next level, download Strava today and start training smarter, not harder.