Henrik Harlaut warms up on the slopestyle course at the 2018 Winter Dew Tour in Breckenridge, Colorado.

Event News

Winter Dew Tour kicks off this weekend

By: Ethan Stone December 13, 2018

the Winter Dew Tour takes over Breckenridge, Colorado this weekend. Here’s everything you need to know about the first (non-FIS) contest of the season: How to watch, who's there, and what's up with that Modified Superpipe?

Sarah Hoefflin slides a rail at the Winter Dew Tour 2018 in Breckenridge, Colorado.

Sarah Hoefflin is ready to Do the Dew. Photo: Andre Durso

The Livestream

First things first, the livestream link. Thank goodness, the Dew Tour knows the importance of keeping a stream up and running during all of the contests! Visit dewtour.com/live/ to stay up on all the action as it happens.

Gus Kenworthy warms up on the slopestyle course at the 2018 Winter Dew Tour in Breckenridge, Colorado.

Gus Kenworthy warms up on the slopestyle jumps section. Photo: Jamie Walter

The Format

Back in 2016, Dew Tour broke from its role as a “standard” halfpipe and slopestyle contest and radically revised its format to reflect riders’ and fans’ desire to see more innovative contest formats.

The most obvious sign of this approach is the Modified Superpipe event, a creative look at transition riding that augments a shortened Superpipe with several different kinds of transition features. The modified pipe is one of Dew Tour’s bolder moves to challenge the status quo of halfpipe riding and bring something new to the table for course design. It’s also a challenge for riders used to zigging and zagging between the same two icy halfpipe walls all year.

Winter Dew Tour Modified Superpipe

The Dew Tour´s Modified Superpipe keeps transition athletes on their toes.

Torin Yater-Wallace practices for the Modified Superpipe event at the 2018 Winter Dew Tour in Breckenridge, Colorado. Photo: Jamie Walter

Torin Yater-Wallace warms up in the Modified Superpipe. Photo: Jamie Walter

Other Dew Tour innovations include breaking up the Slopestyle contest into separate “Jump” and “Jib” events, the results of which are then combined to determine an overall winner (at least, that’s how we think it works.) Meanwhile, the fan-favorite Streetstyle event brings the action right into downtown Breckenridge, with an urban-style jib contest that’s definitely worth a watch.

Finally, Dew Tour also features a Team Challenge, with ski and snowboard companies sending team squads to battle it out for glory in a combined, overall-impression contest that includes both the pipe and the slope venues.

Joss Christensen practices at the 2018 Winter Dew Tour in Breckenridge, Colorado.

Joss Christensen gets down on the "Jibs" section. Photo: Andre Durso

The Schedule

Here’s the schedule of freeski events taking place over the next few days at Dew Tour. For the full event schedule including snowboarding, parties and other goings-on, check out dewtour.com. Remember, you can watch all of these contests on the livestream!

Thursday, December 13
9:00 MST / 17:00 CET - Women’s Ski Jump Final
10:15 MST / 18:15 CET - Women’s Ski Jib Final
12:30 MST / 20:30 CET - Team Ski Modified Superpipe Final
13:30 MST / 21:30 CET - Team Ski Jump Final
14:30 MST / 22:30 CET - Team Ski Jib Final

Friday, December 14
9:00 MST / 17:00 CET - Women’s Ski Modified Superpipe Final
18:00 MST / 02:00 CET - Streetstyle

Saturday, December 15
12:00 MST / 20:00 CET Men’s Ski Jump Final
13:45 MST / 21:45 CET Men’s Ski Jib Final

Sunday, December 16
9:15 MST / 17:15 CET Men’s Ski Modified Superpipe Final

Henrik Harlaut´s winning slopestyle run from the 2017 Dew Tour.

Athletes & Teams

Men's Slopestyle
Henrik Harlaut
Oystein Braaten
Andri Ragettli
Ferdinand Dahl
Evan McEachran
James Woods
Alex Hall
Alex Beaulieu-Marchand
Gus Kenworthy
Teal Harle
McRae Williams
Oscar Wester

Men's Modified Superpipe
Alex Ferreira
David Wise
Noah Bowman
Aaron Blunck
Simon D'Artois
Birk Irving
Torin Yater-Wallace
Kevin Rolland
Nico Porteous
Gus Kenworthy

Men's Streetstyle
Keegan Kilbridge
LJ Strenio
Quinn Wolferman
Khai Krepela
Magnus Graner
Alex Bellemare
Tim McChesney
Sean Jordan
Alex Beaulieu-Marchand
Alex Hall

Women's Slopestyle
Johanne Killi
Kelly Sildaru
Tess Ledeux
Maggie Voisin
Elena Gaskell
Giulia Tanno
Sarah Hoefflin
Mathilde Gremaud

Women's Modified Superpipe
Cassie Sharpe
Kelly Sildaru
Brita Sigourney
Maddie Bowman
Devin Logan
Annalisa Drew
Sabrina Cakmakli
Abigale Hansen

Team Challenge:

Team Armada
Henrik Harlaut
Torin Yater-Wallace
Tanner Hall

Team Atomic
Gus Kenworthy
Fabian Bösch
Miguel Porteous

Team Faction
Alex Hall
Antti Ollila
Mac Forehand

Team Head
Aaron Blunck
Evan McEachran
Jesper Tjäder

Team K2
Birk Irving
Colby Stevenson
Ferdinand Dahl

Team Völkl (2017 winners)
Alex Beaulieu-Marchand
McRae Williams
Hunter Hess

For more info on the Dew Tour check out dewtour.com, and make sure to swing by again here at Downdays for full results, photos and videos from the Winter Dew Tour 2018 in Breckenridge.