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Gear Spotlight: Ortovox Avabag LiTRIC Series

By: Ethan Stone November 19, 2023

Weighing in at just 1,100 grams, the LiTRIC electronic avalanche airbag system is one of the lightest of its kind. A joint project between Ortovox and Arc’Teryx, the LiTRIC system is made in Germany and TÜV-approved, and has everything you could want in an avy-bag system. It’s lightweight, reliable and includes plenty of features for intuitive operation.

To learn more about the innovative LiTRIC system, check out this article. In a nutshell, LiTRIC’s electronic system uses super capacitor technology to quickly inflate the airbag. It’s cartridge-free and can be charged in about 25 minutes via USB-C. One charge holds for around 60 hours and is good for at least two airbag activations, meaning you can rely on the bag for multi-day missions without recharging.

For this winter, Ortovox has introduced three new airbag backpacks with the LiTRIC system: the Avabag LiTRIC Tour, Avabag LiTRIC Freeride and Avabag LiTRIC Zero. Let’s take a closer look at this trio.

Ortovox Avabag LiTRIC Tour

The Avabag Tour in 28S, 30, 36S and 40-liter versions.

Avabag LiTRIC Tour

Price: €1,150 (short) / €1,190 (regular)
Volume: 28, 36 l (short), 30, 40 l (regular)

The name says it all: The Tour backpack is built for ski touring and aims at an ideal balance between uphill comfort and downhill support. It's also incredibly versatile, with a base unit available in two different lengths that can be swapped out with zip-on modules from both the Tour and the Freeride model (see below). In other words, when you buy one base unit, you can mix and match with different zip-ons to build the bag you need for any particular mission.

Full Contact Light back system
Circumferential zipper for easy access
Separate safety equipment compartment
Two ice axe loops
Diagonal ski carry
Helmet Net
Hydration system compatible

Ortovox Avabag LiTRIC Freeride

The LiTRIC Freeride Avabag in 16S, 18, 26S and 28-liter variations.

Avabag LiTRIC Freeride

Price: €1,130 (short model) / €1,170 (regular model)
Volume: 16 & 26 liters (short, 18 & 28 liters (regular)

The freeride model is essential a slimmed-down version of the tour model, offering most of the same functionality in a sleeker package. Again, the freeride compartment is available as a zip-on module, so with one base unit and multiple modules, you can switch back and forth between a Tour and a Freeride bag—or different volumes of each bag—to best suit your needs.

Clasp Back System
Compatible with spine protector (sold separately)
Separate safety compartment
Diagonal ski carry
Two ice axe loops
Helmet net
Hydration system compatible

Ortovox Avabag LiTRIC Zero

The LiTRIC Zero Avabag in desert orange and black raven.

Avabag LiTRIC Zero

Price: €1,100
Volume: 27 liters

You guessed it: the Zero model is the lightweight offer among the LiTRIC series. With a total weight of 1,970 grams, this bag’s built for the backcountry skier in search of the lightest possible kit. The Zero model comes in just one size, 27 liters, and in order to achieve its extraordinary lightness, it doesn’t have the modular zip-on compatibility of the Freeride and Tour models.

Diagonal ski carry
One ice axe loop
Helmet net
Hydration system compatible

Visit ortovox.com to learn more about the LiTRIC Series of avalanche airbags.