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The Ortovox Safety Academy is ready for the winter with a new concept

December 20, 2023

Knee-deep powder and untracked slopes: Ski touring and freeriding in unsecured terrain are unique experiences. But in order to move safely off-piste, you need comprehensive knowledge.

The “Basic Training” is aimed at beginners and advanced learners who want to refresh their knowledge. Throughout a compact course day, you will learn how to properly use relevant emergency equipment as well as the basics of searching for buried victims.

The “Basic Tour & Training” avalanche course offers the option of choosing between a ski tour or a freeride day. With the state-certified mountain guides, you will learn the basics of avalanche rescue. You will also learn how to plan tours and correctly interpret the avalanche situation report. On the second day, the course material is then implemented onsite.

The “Advanced Tour & Training” course is the right fit for anyone who has already gained initial experience in open terrain and in avalanche rescue. In two and a half days, search strategies are practiced and behavior in the event of an avalanche accident is simulated. We’ll practice recognition of potential danger spots and thus the ability to move independently through the mountains in winter.