By: Downdays April 26, 2021

Holy goddamn. We’ve grown accustomed to Finland’s Forre crew throwing down like absolute madmen on some of the heaviest street spots imaginable (as in their movie last season, Forrgive). But when Forre hits the park, like here in Ruka, shit gets turned up to levels of gnarnia that shouldn’t even be possible. Don’t take it from us, though. Hit play and put some padding under your jaw for when it inevitably hits the floor.

Forre is back with the third installment of the Forre in Ruka trilogy!

Video by Arttu Heikkinen

Skiing by
Joona Sipola
Mainio Ormio
Kuura Koivisto
Harald Hellström
Eemil Aro
Matias Suomi
Teemu Tirkkonen
Tuukka Pöri

Huge thanks to Ruka for hosting us again!