By: Roy Kittler January 24, 2017

As crashing is one of the most common things to happen, not just in skiing but a lot of other sports as well, no matter how good you are. the guys from Stomp it Tutorials put together the basics of how to properly crash and avoid further injury into their newest How To piece. In order to progress, everybody is likely to crash first. Nobody has stepped onto skis stomping both way doubles without learning fro his mistakes the hard way. For that reason it is essential to know how to take hits appropriately and stay healthy, while still pushing your personal limits. It might sound dumb, but there are certainly a lot of things to take into account while slamming. So go ahead and find out the key essentials!

Learn how to crash on skis. We look into how you can first of all learn step by step so you do not crash. After that we teach you how to crash on the side, back, front and roll better. We teach you how martial artists learn how to crash (fall) the only sport where people really practice how to crash or fall better.

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