SKI in the FUTURE / What’s Your Future

By: Roy Kittler February 09, 2017

The french series ‘What’s your name?’ has made big wave the past season. Luck for us, the boys are back with another season kicking things of with their 1st episode ” WHAT’S YOUR FUTURE”

Always ready to make you smile this episode will take you into the future of skiing, no matter if it’s on sand, snow, rivers or any other terrain imaginable. Drones are a mandatory necessity and dogs found their love for skiing as well.

What will be your future of skiing?

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Skiers: Loic Doval, Clément Picart Vincent Gramond, Hugo Can
Directed By Julien Maz
Additional filming: Olivier Sautet
Motion: Thibault Roqueirol
Graphic: Matthieu Laurent