Stomp it Tutorials teaches you lazyboys

By: Roy Kittler February 22, 2017

Lazyboys are not just awesome they are pretty cool looking too. There are tons of variations and you can also take them to the infamous cork 180’s like Phil Cassabon or just go double with like Christof Schenk for example. The are a great addition to your very personal bag of tricks, so take your chances and learn them right now with the help from Stomp it Tutorials.

Learn how to lazyboy handdrag on skis. We teach you how to do this fun and quite easy ski trick in 4 steps.

Step 1 we show you how to lazyboy 180 of a small side hit and tiny drop.
Step 2 how to do carved turns on skis while sitting down.
Step 3 lazy boy 360s and what a ideal jump can look like.
Step 4 lazyboy cork 540.

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