By: Ethan Stone February 05, 2019

After the surprise success of Jeremy “PanPan” Pancras’ 2018 film “Would You” as one of the better independent, out-of-the-blue ski movies that we’ve seen in a while, Pan Pan was more motivated than ever to film skiing and the unique lifestyles of his friends. In 2019 he’s working on a new film called “Visual Lyricism”, which Pan Pan tells us will combine skiing, music, art and other sports in search of the common passion that fuels it all.

Rather than leave the unused shots on the cutting room floor, Pan Pan has decided to keep us up-to-date with a series of V-logs bringing us behind the scenes of the filming of “Visual Lyricism.” The first episode, “Pre-Season” shows us some of the planning and preparation that goes into a season of filming, as well as a hype segment from the raucous new event called The White Festival in Albertville last November.