Blowin' in the wind

Wind for Whistles | Jake Mageau

By: Ethan Stone November 10, 2023

The dynamic duo of Jake Mageau and Brady Perron has created their third film Wind for Whistles presented by Level 1, and it’s truly a fun ride. Jake’s unique approach to street and backcountry skiing combined with Brady’s artistic filmmaking creates a perfect match that we can’t help but recommend. The film also features a SuperUnknown winner Oscar Weary, who fits the overall vibe very well.

From YouTube: The inimitable Jake Mageau syncs up with friend and Director Brady Perron for the third installment of their collaboration with Level 1: “Wind for Whistles”. The film unfolds a special place and time in freeskiing, a place where Mageau’s athleticism meets his artistry – where past meets present. From the eastern seaboard to the most north western locations, enjoy the camaraderie that is Wind for Whistles. Make some noise.

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Film supported by 686 Snow, ON3P Skis, and Lawson’s Finest Liquids

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