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2015 Ski Movie Trailers: The Short List

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Our pick of six choice trailers from this fall's ski movie lineup.

This week we published our exhaustive Long List of ski movie trailers; but frankly, aside from some really bored kids and a ski journalist or two, who’s got the time? So we’ve come up with a Short List of trailers to accompany it. Here’s our pick of the crop.

To watch at the cinema : http://www.highfive-festival.com/en/

Cruise Control / Gpsy Feelin’

Gpsy Feelin’ films just have that certain je ne sais quoi, an undefinable texture that carries the feeling of skiing along with the big tricks. Sit back, relax, and let them take over with Cruise Control.

For Lack of Better / Clayton Vila/TGR

The old Stept squad of Clayton Vila, Cam Riley and Sean Jordan are still on their mission to slay the gnarliest urban spots possible, or get slammed really hard trying.

Round 2 / Round 2 Media

We’re hyped to see what this stylish Spanish/Andorran crew including Noah Albaladejo, Luka Melloni and Pako Benguerel has in store for us.

Good Company 2 / Good Company

Though our editors gave Good Company 2 mixed reviews, we all know that with success comes haters. And since Good Company is one of the most influential crews on the scene right now, we’re just trying to do our part.

Passenger / Legs of Steel

Cheesy voiceover? Check. Suspense? Check. Ultra hi-def. Check. Radical ski action, bird shots, group rapid-fire hits? Check, check and check.

Finito / The Bunch

Finito? Is it really true, this will be the last Bunch movie? Is the world coming to an end? What does it all mean?


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