Drop in to the Dream

We are a collective of shred dreamers who built up a hands on, high tech, zero hazardous waste, board building facility and creative free-thinking center from nothing. Now blessed with the facility, tools, materials and rippers like Lucas Wachs, we’re making dreams come true and there is no time to waste…



The 21/22 line is our most comprehensive yet. These are environmentally friendly American made dream skis pushing the vanguard of technologies like Magne-Traction® and Rocker Activated Drive and working closely with amazing artists like Ryan Schmies and Mike Parillo to bring them to life. From the park-bashing Backwards to the pow-floating Y.E.W.P.S. to the all new Proteen or our ripping women’s Lib Stick, Wunderstick, WreckCREATE, Kookstick, UFO; all are thoughtfully handcrafted pieces of art that will transport you to your best season ever. Drop in to the dream!

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