Martin Bender competes at the 2021 Freeride Junior World Championships in Kappl, Austria

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Freeride Junior World Championships: Watch the Livestream

By: Ethan Stone January 23, 2023

An international field of top young freeriders will drop in on Tuesday, 24 January 2023 at the Yeti Freeride World Junior Championships by Dynastar in Kappl, Austria.

We've got the livestream feed right here. It's expected to kick off at around 10:00am CET, with delays possible depending on the weather and other onsite conditions.

The freeride hotspot Kappl in Austria is one of the highlight stops of the Open Faces freeride contest series. The summit of Quellspitze offers incredible views and opens up a range of creative lines, from fast and fluid to classic steep big mountain lines with massive cliffs.

Freeride Junior World Championships Teaser (YouTube)

This year’s FJWC will see many outstanding athletes take part. Three of last year’s champions Martin Bender, Jenna Meyers and Tavo Sadeg, will move up the pyramid and take part in the FWT Qualifier. Meanwhile Lila Yeoman, last year’s snowboarding women’s champion, will fight to keep her world title against 21 other competitors. This year features an unprecedented number of women riders. In sum, there are 28 athletes from Region 1 and 35 from Region 2 with the most represented country being the USA.

Why should I watch junior freeride, you ask? The answer is simple: These kids send it, as hard or harder than the adults!