Kevin Salonius Summer Rail Challenges returns once again in 2017. Get your skis out and participate. There is only one rule: No Snow!

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The Summer Rail Challenge 2017 by Kevin Salonius

By: Roy Kittler July 04, 2017

Film your best backyard rail edit and submit it for a chance to take home prizes from LINE Skis, Full Tilt Boots, Saga Outerwear, Tall T Productions, SPY Optics and mSnow.

Kevin Salonius is back with his non-profit summer rail challenge and you can compete as well and get yourself some awesome prices!
There’s only one rule: NO SNOW! 
Deadline to submit your video: 01.08.2017

Challenge instructions:1. Get your crew together.

2. Design and build the most creative and snow-free rail setup you can think of.

3. Ski the crap out of your setup and film your biggest hits.

4. Edit your video down and include the official contest pre-roll, that can be downloaded here. Videos must be under two minutes in length.

Upload your video here and tell all your friends to vote! Once the contest submission deadline closes, we’ll select three winners based on style and creativity. Now go skiing!

Full Contest Details, Rules & RegulationsBONUS! If you sign up to receive email from LINE Skis before the Summer Rail Challenge ends, you’ll be entered to win even more gear. It’ll most likely be stuff we have in the closet, but, you know, free swag.

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