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Tom Wallisch’s Steel City Showdown – Watch here!

By: Ethan Stone January 11, 2020

Tom Wallisch is bringing back Rail Jams in a big way! This Saturday, January 11 the Steel City Showdown Debuts in Seven Springs, Pennsylvania with a rad setup, a stacked list of riders and a free livestream!

Tom Wallisch is bringing back the rail jam! Was the rail jam ever gone? Well, in recent years the number of high-level jib jams has certainly gone down. Now Tom is looking to rectify this sad state of affairs with the Steel City Showdown.

Wallisch and friends will bring some serious rail game to Seven Springs. Sequence: Shay Williams

A quick glance at the riders' list confirms: this jam is going to be a showdown, indeed.

Confirmed Riders

Alex Hall
Joss Christenson
LJ Strenio
Khai Krepala
Colby Stevenson
Max Moffat
Evan Mceachran
Quin Wolferman
Taylor Lundquist
Devin Logan
Cal Carson
Siver Voll
Alex Bellemare
Dale Talkington
Katrina Siegfried
Bobby Sullivan
Sean Jordan


Watch the Steel City Showdown!

Steel City Showdown - Qualifiers Livestream (Begins 2:00PM EST // 8:00PM CET)

Steel City Showdown - Finals Livestream (Begins 8:00PM EST // 2:00AM CET)