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Jibber’s Paradise at Shred Poker Schöneben 2019

By: Downdays March 15, 2019

Heads up friends of shred: On 16 March 2019 Shred Poker returns to Snowpark Schöneben! This session has long been known for style, progression and good vibes. Read on to find out what you can expect at this year’s Shred Poker in Snowpark Schöneben.

Shred Poker Schöneben - 2019 Freeski Preview

Schöneben has always been a great setting for Shred Poker. Whenever the chips are on the line on the Reschen Pass, there are always big features to throw down on. This year it’s the same: park designer Daniel Osterland has created a true “jibbing paradise” and has given us a sneak preview of his Special Obstacle. “We’re planning it now, and our first design is already a monster!” he said. So expect to get sendy at this year’s Shred Poker in Schöneben! But the jibbers among us will also be well served with boxes, tubes and various rails - everything that the jibber’s heart desires. Don’t forget, there’s a helmet requirement in Snowpark Schöneben - better safe than sorry!

Progress to impress

At Shred Poker it’s not about being better than the others. Here it’s about finding the best within yourself, and tackling a gnarly obstacle together with a crew of like-minded people. Each new and landed trick is rewarded with poker chips, which you can exchange at the end for dope goodies from Pinetime, Amplifi, QParks, POW and TSG! If you’d rather get your reward in cash, no problem! In addition to the goodies, there’s also a prize purse of €500 to give out!

Land your tricks, and get cash or goodies! Photo: Christian Riefenberger

10:00-10:30 Get together & Sign in
10:30-10:45 Riders Meeting
10:45-13:15 Chips for Tricks Session
13:15-13:30 Prize giving
13:30 Chill & BBQ FOR FREE

Matthias Noggler getting the shot. Photo: Christian Riefenberg

It’s hard to send it on an empty belly. That’s why there will again be a free BBQ at Shred Poker Schöneben. In the new Chill Area you can grab some lunch and a sunchair, and kick back to enjoy some beats and watch the others shred. What more can you ask for?

The new chill area will give you somewhere to sit besides the snowpark features. Photo: Christian Riefenberg

It’s a win-win scenario. For more information on Shred Poker or news from Snowpark Schöneben, make sure to drop by their Facebook Page or Instagram!