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Warmtobel Jam: 1.7 km handbuilt park returns to Wildhaus

By: Ethan Stone March 04, 2019

It’s official – the ninth Warmtobel Jam will take place from 9-17 March. Experience one of the last “real” freeski/snowboard events, open to everybody – no FIS code, no ski team membership, no entry fee and no competition! For once it’s not about crowning the “best” rider at the end of the day, but guaranteeing that as many riders as possible enjoy some unforgettable moments of shredding.


To do so, the 1.7km long Warmtobel piste – a side hit paradise – is modified into one giant park run. From bowls, massive wooden wallrides, jumps and an endless amount of hips, the passionate shredder will find everything he or she desires. This results in 20-plus hits per run – if you can’t believe this, you better check the videos below.

Warmtobel HYPE from the el.makrell crew

Since these laps will have your legs burning and screaming for a break, there’s the bar at the parkbase where all the riders come together after their runs. There — in the absence of FIS and co. — you still get that kind of vibe we remember from freeski events back in the day, where passionate shredders came together to celebrate their time on the mountain – some by sending it on the jumps, others by drinking beer!

Long story short: Warmtobel-Jam is a real event that warmly welcomes every shredder who honors the set up by shredding it all day long. See you there!