Andri Ragettli wins gold at the 2022 Winter X Games slopestyle

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More crashes than makes

Andri Ragettli wins 2022 X Games Slopestyle

By: Ethan Stone January 23, 2022

Maybe it was weird snow, maybe it was the pre-Olympic nerves. Whatever it was, today’s Men’s Ski Slopestyle contest at the 2022 Winter X Games was marked more by crashes than by makes.

Highlights | 2022 X Games Men´s Ski Slopestyle (YouTube)

Swiss rider Andri Ragettli emerged the day’s winner. Ragettli completed a clean and technical rail section (front swap, front 450 out; left 450 on, pretzel 270 out; switch right 270 on, back swap, front 270 out) into a solid jump line: switch right double misty 1260 mute, left double cork 1620 tail, switch left double misty 1620 safety.

Podium Runs | 2022 Winter X Games Men´s Ski Slopestyle (YouTube)

Canada’s Max Moffatt took second place. Moffatt tossed a casual bio 900 handdrag over the first rainbow rail, followed by a switch left 270 on to front 450 out and a a blind 360 swap, continuing 450 out. In the jumps, he combined a switch right double cork 1260 nose grab with a left double 14 safety and a massive right double bio 1620 japan.

Third place went to Alex Hall, who after a series of missteps, fought his way onto the podium on his fourth and final run. A-Hall served up a frontside 360 swap, left 450 on to continuing 450, and switch right 270 to pretzel 450 in the rails, then followed with a left double cork 1440 lead japan, right double 900 safety bringback, and a switch left double cork 1800 buick.

All in all, 25 of the 40 attempted runs in the contest ended as crashes or throwaways.