2024 x games womens ski slopestyle podium
Tess went two-for-two on gold medals at this year's X Games, doing so for the second time. Legend! Joshua Duplechian/X Games

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Tess makes history

Tess Ledeux dominates X Games 2024 Women’s Ski Slopestyle

By: Ethan Stone January 28, 2024

Each competitor in this year’s X Games women’s ski slopestyle had three chances to put down their best run. Tess Ledeux only needed one to deliver one of the best runs seen yet in women’s slopestyle.

Switch right 270 pretzel 270, switch left 270 back 270, front swap back 2, back swap backslide, right cork 720 safety, left double 1260 mute, switch left double cork 1440 safety: Tess served up her winning run steaming hot with no need for redos or improvements. With clean rails, two stomped doubles and a whopping score of 95.33, Tess didn’t even bother trying to improve her score. That’s how dominant this run was today.

I can’t believe it. I just landed my best slopestyle run ever.
Tess Ledeux
Women's Ski Slopestyle Finals | Full Replay | Winter X Games 2024 X Games YouTube

Her win in today’s slopestyle contest earns Tess a rare honor: she’s the first athlete, male or female, to have won both Big Air and Slopestyle at the same X Games not once, but twice (she did it back in 2022 as well).

After Tess put a death grip on the top podium spot, it was up to the rest of the field to duke it out for second and third. Giulia Tanno showed off some of her finest skiing yet, bagging two clean runs that she closed out with a switch left 900 tail and a left double cork 1080 safety.

That run had her sitting comfortably in second place until the third run, when her Swiss compatriot Mathilde Gremaud made a challenge for second place. Sitting behind Giulia in third, Mathilde improved her rail run with a switch right 270 on, front 450 out of the first rail, and snuck a tail grab into her final switch double cork 1080. The added flavor gave her a seven-point boost, out of third and into second place.

Mathilde Gremaud at the 2024 x games womens ski slopestyle
With strong rails and a switch double 10 tail, Mathilde Gremaud claimed second place behind Tess. Mark Kohlman/X Games

Rell Harwood narrowly missed the podium in fourth place. The only girl to send one of the many transfer options in the rail gardens, Rell nailed it with a clean front swap to switch, and finished out with a switch right 900 japan and a stomped left double cork 1260 mute. I’ll be honest, Rell’s scores on this run (which she landed twice) had me scratching my head a bit—a 78 and an 84? Maybe there was a missed grab or some other detail that I didn’t see, but judging aside, the rookie rider showed she’s more than ready to compete with the big dogs.

With her typical consistency and a pair of switch 720s, Sarah Hoefflin briefly vied for the podium until her Swiss teammakes bumped her out. Anastasia Tatalina showed us what it looks like when a big air rider skis slopestyle, keeping it stock in the rails and the jumps until her final-hit double cork 12 mute. And Ruby Star Andrews and Olivia Asselin, both with the skills to compete for the podium here, unfortunately struggled with speed in the jumps and weren’t able to deliver full runs—the one touch of grey in an otherwise great day on the slope course.