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Mons Royale WMS Cornice Rollover Review

By: Roy Kittler November 11, 2016

Mons Royale Baselayer - WMS Cornice Rollover Review by our very own Project Manager Justine Mulliez --> hint: If you're just here to WIN a Mons Royale WMN's Baselayer click HERE!

Using merino wool for base-layers has been all the rage these last few years, and it’s hardly a surprise. With it’s anti-odour protection, impressive breathability, and natural temperature regulation, it’s the perfect first layer for any skier and snowboarder out there. The only thing missing? A company with a nose for style combining merino technology with unbeatable design to create a product that can truly go from the snow to the streets. That’s where Mons Royale is one of a kind.

A fan of merino wool, I was really excited to test out Mons Royale’s Cornice Rollover LS, and wear a base layer I actually didn’t mind being seen in out on the town.

Mons Royale WMN's Cornice Rollover Baselayer Review

Austria’s warm days and occasional bursts of lush snowfall this past month served as a perfect testing ground for a multi-functional base layer such as this one. My first day on snow with the Cornice Rollover was in sunny Stubai where we tore up piste after piste and played around in the slushy snow conditions. With my past base layers, I would have had to choose between a super thin or a rather thick merino wool and simply would have been too cold or too hot on a day like this. But the Cornice Rollover felt just right, Goldilocks style, where I didn’t have to sacrifice warmth for breathability, keeping me both warm and cool all day.

Mons Royale WMN's Cornice Rollover Baselayer Review

My second test took place during an epic powder day in Hintertux where we worked hard to earn our turns in the season’s first big snowfall. There was no way around getting a little sweaty from the effort, so I was definitely relieved to not be freezing while resting on the chairlifts when the wind began to pick up around mid-day. What I liked even more was making use of the Rollover feature in addition to my normal neck gaiter when I needed extra coverage, especially when the Mons merino is so soft! After such a heavy day, I was sure that anyone in a 10m radius could smell me, but was really thankful that the merino had done it again- no trace of sweat smell!

Now, it’s obvious that I adore Merino wool’s technical performance, but it’s rare to find a base-layer that is both technical and can be worn walking around town, working in the office, or out having a pint (or 7). This is Mons Royale’s true strength. The Cornice Rollover has a flattering cut with cool details like it’s stripes, signature rollover collar, drop tail, and thumb loops, making it a base layer I actually want to wear all day, every day.

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