New freetouring line

Gear Spotlight: Blizzard Hustle Collection

By: Downdays January 24, 2023

For the 2022/23 winter, BLIZZARD has introduced a new series of freetouring skis called Hustle. It’s designed to meet the needs of freeriders who prefer to access their lines under their own power.

In the search for untracked snow, powder junkies are increasingly moving away from ski resorts and into the backcountry. Far from the lifts, these freeride-focused tours require a ski that’s light enough to make uphill travel easy, while offering ample floatation and stability once the real fun gets started.

"Freeride skis are often too heavy for long ascents," says Carlo Sammartini, product manager at Blizzard. "While lightweight ski touring skis don't offer the playful behavior and lift on the descent that freeriders and freeride skiers love. This is where we started with the development of the new Hustle ski family. With an innovative construction, we managed to reduce the weight without compromising the downhill performance. So now you can get up in the backcountry with less effort and ski down your own line with confidence.”

The new freetouring series from Blizzard: the Hustle 9, Hustle 10 and Hustle 11.


With the Hustle, Blizzard aims to cover all the needs of backcountry skiers in a lighter package. The downhill performance of the ski relies on the balanced flex of the new Trueblend Free wood core. In it, Blizzard combines beech and poplar with paulownia for a lightweight, yet powerful and stable core.

"The Trueblend Free wood core is designed with a softer flex in the tip and tail to ease turn initiation and power transfer, and to maximize the advantages of the rocker profile,” says Sammartini. “A medium flex in front and behind the bindings gives more secure control while skiing. Right in the middle under the binding is a harder flex zone to guarantee the perfect edge grip and stability to make you feel safe in any situation.”

A closer look at the Hustle´s composite wood core.


Carbon fiber allows a lighweight construction to be combined with cushioning, stability and control. To ensure a playful performance, Blizzard has equipped the new Hustle with Carbon Dynamic Release Technology, or D.R.T. for short. This technology has been carried over from Blizzard’s existing freeride ski collection. Carbon D.R.T. is a blend of carbon fiber and fiberglass that promises better grip, more confidence and more performance, while keeping weight to a minimum.

"The shapes are key in this ski category," Sammartini says. "The progressive design, with the right amount of rocker in the tip and tail and a touch of camber that perfectly matches the Trueblend Free Woodcore flex in every area of the ski, makes the Hustle collection special and ensures that it works perfectly in all snow conditions.”

The Hustle is a unisex ski available in three models: the Hustle 9, Hustle 10 and Hustle 11. With a waist width ranging from 92mm to 94mm underfoot depending on length, the Hustle 9 is the lightweight of the bunch, weighing in at 1800 grams per ski at the 180cm length. On the other end of the spectrum, the Hustle 11 offers a more girthy 112 to 116mm underfoot, while still keeping the weight at 1850g per ski at 180cm.

Learn more about the Hustle Series at BLIZZARD-TECNICA.COM.