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First FWT stop confirmed for Saturday, January 27

January 25, 2024

And so a new event was born, welcome to the Verbier Pro!

Announced as an option only yesterday, the event has now materialized and the competition is confirmed for Saturday, January 2027. The forecast of the Swiss meteorological service calls for blue skies and the snow conditions up high remain great in the Alps. The comp site will be the Petit Bec since it offers better wind shelter than the Bec des Rosses and therefore hopefully some soft pow. Riders might also be happy to start the season on a face less exposed.

It has been a hectic period for FWT competitors since the cancellation of the original tour kick-off in Spain only a few days ago. Traveling plans had to be cancelled and then re-arranged, last minute preparation had to be done and now there are a bunch of meetings, course inspection and other things before the season starts on Saturday. We tried to get a hold of some riders today to get first-hand impressions of the situation, but everybody was super busy.

Live coverage of the event will start 10:15 CET on Saturday on www.freerideworldtour.com. Snowboarders will go first, ski men will be last. Spectacular images should be guaranteed.

The top of Bec des Rosses. Views on Saturday could be similar. Freeride World Tour/Levy Loye