Hugo Burvall Joins Movement Skis


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Hugo Burvall joins Movement Skis

By: Matt Masson October 26, 2022

Swedish freeskier Hugo Burvall has signed a deal to ski on MOVEMENT SKIS from this winter. The 25-year-old took time off his preparations for the first World Cup event of the year, the Big Air in Chur, Switzerland to tell us about his new ski sponsor and his plans for the future. 

Hugo Burvall joins Movement Skis

Hi Hugo, how does it feel to be with Movement?

It feels great. I’m super stoked to finally have everything sorted and ride the skis. The process has been going on for the whole summer. I’ve been trying to figure out the best solution. I just feel like Movement has a super sick vision and they’re stoked about what I’m doing. I’ve tried their products, they’re super nice and I’m just hyped to get it going!

Which of their lineup will you be riding on this winter?

I’ll be riding the 95 Fly. They also have a 105 and a 115. It’s all the same shape, so I think I’ll be riding all of them a bit. Mostly the 95 in contests, maybe the 105 if I’m doing more buttery stuff. Tomorrow I’ll be on the 95, because I need a quick ski to do a bunch of spins. It’ll be good for the firm landing. Yeah, I’m hyped!

Hugo Burvall Joins Movement Skis

Hugo at Big Air Chur. Photo: Schnorhk

I just feel like Movement has a super sick vision and they’re stoked about what I’m doing.

What are your hopes for the future with Movement?

Going into this, they were hyped about what I was doing, and I really want to build a long-lasting relationship, create stuff together and build my and Movement’s brand together. I really want to make projects, graphics and be really involved. Both parties were stoked on building together and it feels super nice to have goals for the future.

Can I ask why you left K2?

The contract was running out. I’ve been super thankful to ski with K2 for so long. It’s a great brand with great products. I just felt compelled by having those opportunities with Movement, to build something and be involved in the whole process. Really build more of a legacy there, compared to K2, where there are so many athletes and it’s hard to build your own lane. I’m sure we would have done great things together, but hopefully, I can bring myself and Movement to the next level.

Hugo Burvall Joins Movement Skis

Photo: Stone

What are your plans for this winter?

I’ll be competing, doing the World Cup circuit; this one (Chur), Stubai and I think Copper before Christmas. Then it keeps going with a bunch of contests until mid-March. Then I’ll try to squeeze in some filming, I’ll probably try to film some more streets this year. I’m basically on the same program that I was last year. It was a pretty hectic comp schedule, but I still managed to squeeze in a couple of weeks of filming.

Will we see you at  X Games this year?

Definitely. I was meant to go last year, but I got sick with COVID. It was right before the Olympics, so I didn’t end up going. But hopefully I’ll make it there this year. I’ll be really excited to ski Knuckle Huck, it’s been on my mind for a long time, and of course the other disciplines too.

Away from skiing for a second. how's your other passion, music production, going?

Yeah, it’s been going good this summer. I did a bunch of music, both commercially and for some movies. Like the latest Bunch movie, that won movie of the year at High Five, I did a couple of songs and a bunch of sound design. The same goes for the Harlaut movie as well. It's super fun intertwining that with skiing. I’m stoked that I can do both.