Meet the crew

CREW: Nosafe

By: Charlotte Bartczak October 05, 2019

Hey guys! In a time where everybody is heading back to work or school, it's good to take a ski break. So it’s perfect timing to introduce you another crew coming straight from the High Pyrenees: Nosafe. In honor of their name, we are going to do something that isn’t safe (for work): reading this article when you probably should be doing your homework! After all, that's what we're here for, right?

Words/Interview: Charlotte Bartczak

Photos: Léo Maigret & Florian Cuzacq


CREW: Nosafe collective
Home resort: Saint-Lary (Haute- Pyrénées) Founded: 2012


Clément Margnes
Age: 27
Does: Freeski
Currently Living: Hossegor
Hobbies: Brunch with my homies, surf on the snow and the water

Likes: Skiing without poles in the slush

Hates: Waiting for my friends when we go to ski
Fav Trick: Cork 5 mute
Anecdote: I’m good on skis but I’m better in clubs

Camille Cros
Age: 25

Does: Freeski
Currently Living: Mont de marsan, Landes / Paris

Hobbies: Surfing, skiing

Likes: Baking bread, mushroom harvest, pizza, neapolitan pizzas

Hates: "Dude, that wasn’t corked"
Fav Trick: Flat 7
Anecdote: Suuh dude?

P.A.D. (Pierre Alex Dedeban)
Age: 25

Does: Freeskiing
Currently Living: Tarbes - High Pyrénées during winter - Hossegor beach during summer

Hobbies: Skiing, surfing, flyfishing, cooking, being in nature

Likes: A good red wine with a piece of meat, pow days with friends, surfing until sunset, barbecue, slushy snow
Hates: hard snow, new ski boots, new edges, snowboarders who hate skiers
Fav Trick: Dub backy or maybe a big butter 3 shifty

Anecdote: Landing in the backcountry: you never know what's gonna happen, I love it.

Florian Cuzacq
Age: 23
Does: Filmmaker
Currently Living: Sabres, Landes
Hobbies: Being outside and farming

Likes: Sunsets, music and gardening

Hates: "Flo, shoot this please"

Fav Trick: Dub back

Léo Maigret
Age: 26
Does: Film, Snowboard

Currently living: Biarritz
Hobbies: Cats
Likes: Cats
Hates: Waiting period (50min) before Pierre-Alexandre drops in

Fav Trick: Making techno clip

Anecdote: Saved Camille’s back during his injury in Font-Romeu

If you've been paying attention to the European skiing scene in recent years, you’ve probably heard something about NoSafe. One of their most iconic features is still The Van: a love story spanning more than 356,000 kilometers with more breakdowns than you and your ex ever had. As the years passed, the riders from this crew began to feel like the Pyrenees were too small for them. So they went on a journey to discover new landscapes in America, and came back home with a movie. Will it be unsafe? That’s what we'll find out today when it premieres at the High Five Festival.

What's Nosafe?

To make it really easy: It's a group of homies who enjoy skiing and making videos. That’s all. And yes, we love making movies. And yes, we have a particular style. Leo and Flo do what they love, they try to go into their vision in depth. It's all about always trying something new. We don't make videos to show our best tricks or our best skiing—well, kind of, but that’s not really the point. We make videos to share our vision of our winter. So yes, in a way we can speak about an artistic fiber in our movies. We want something original and clean, to make it cool to watch.

Where did the name come from?

At first we were the Petal Family, but we quickly changed it to Nosafe... maybe too quickly.

When did it all start?

It all began with Camille, PAD and Leo who met during university in Tarbes. We just wanted to go skiing and enjoy it together. But as you can see, what was just a friendly activity on Saturdays and Sundays became something bigger. After a few sessions shared every weekend, Clement joined us. Then another year passed... we were thinking about making a crew already. The fact was that Leo filmed us doing things with his GoPro. So everybody put €200 into filming equipment in 2012. Our first movie, "Influence," came out in 2013. The same year, we created the association Nosafe. Then the crew began to grow little by little... Flo joined us, then Guillaume, Martin and Titouan.

What makes you special?

We all came from somewhere far from the mountains, a 2 hours' drive. So we weren’t born on skis at the beginning. Then, there was a time when we all were students, with an exam period at the end of the year. But when it was about skiing, we did everything that we could to make it happen. We woke up early in the morning, drove miles and miles in a van just for one spot, paid for expensive stuff just to shoot some clips... but we did it because we wanted to achieve it. We made sacrifices to ski... and as you can see, it worked!

What's your signature?

The streets. It’s all inspired by the American stuff. This is what the wanted to do first. Well, actually, we only wanted to do that: go shred the streets. And yes, of course there is the artistic part: we wanted to show the urban way of life in the video. This is a place where you can be much more creative than in a snowpark.

Nosafe Street - Faction (Vimeo)

What's the best feeling that freeskiing can deliver?

It’s at the end of the day, when you are front to your computer and you have a look at your shots from the day, and you’re just like, "OK, this one is a great trick, it's on camera, the clip is nice, we can use it." And even before that, when it’s the end of the day and you realize that your day was so dope: sunny, good snow, no problems with everything (camera, skis, slopes, kicks, rails)... Yup... just when you had a dope day.

What's the plan for this year?

Well that’s a good question... because we have absolutely no idea... and that’s the first time that we are sure of nothing. We’ll see in a few weeks! But maybe do more backcountry and freeride... there is a lot to do.

Do you have any dreams?

Going to Ibiza and Cancun to party ! No for real, our dream is to do another "Caviar Gold" (an event that we did a few years ago) but much more crazy and stylish.

Got a favorite edit?

No doubt it was the Font-Romeu edit with the techno trance music. Because every time we go there it's just fun and craziness. It was intense. And more seriously, it was our video "90 jours" (90 days) from 2014, which is a mix of our best season ever—the season when we all were determined.

Talking about edits... You came back from the states with a new movie, In-truth-spek-tiv. Tell us about the project!
Some of us had already been to the States in Utah and Colorado. And the fact is that we really wanted to go back there. So that was the plan: going on a ski trip of two and a half months in the biggest parks in the US and making a big movie of all of it at the end. It’s all about skiing, landscapes, nature... and fun ! Because the big thing is to do a picture about the journey of three friends at the other side of the world.

We have an additional project that is about nature and environment. During our trip, we didn’t just go skiing, we traveled a lot too. So we tried to do a documentary about it, to report images. We are not here to be moralistic. We just wanted to bring our vision of it. But we will not tease you more about this one! For the moment, this project is secret.

Nosafe's new movie In-Truth-Spek-Tiv premieres this weekend at the High Five Festival in Annecy.