Ski film colossus Warren Miller dead at 93

By: Ethan Stone January 25, 2018

Legendary ski filmmaker Warren Miller has died. He passed away Wednesday at his home on Orcas Island, Washington, USA, at the age of 93.

Miller was perhaps the single most influential figure in the sport of skiing in the past century. After serving in the U.S. Navy in World War 2, he began filming skiing while living as a ski bum in a trailer in the parking lot at the resort of Sun Valley, Idaho. Miller released his first film, Deep and Light, in 1950, and continued producing and directing yearly ski films for the next 37 years. Miller quit directing in 1987, but continued to produce films until selling his company, Warren Miller Entertainment, in 2004. 

The news of Miller's passing has released a tidal wave of commemoration and tribute from across the ski world. Here are what a few of today's leading figures in skiing have to say about Miller's influence and impact on the sport and their lives.

Professional skier Karl Fostvedt: