Winter is coming: First snowfall hits the Alps

By: Ethan Stone August 27, 2018

Last weekend a cold front rolled over the Alps, bringing with it late-August snow flurries. Mountains in Switzerland, Austria and Italy received a fresh dusting of powder at elevations as low as 1,800 meters. Time to start getting excited for the coming winter? We think so.

Mountains in the Austrian Alps recorded the most snowfall, with some areas receiving up to 30 centimeters. Visitors to glacier ski areas like Mölltal and Hintertux were rewarded with a rare skiing experience: a powder day in August.

Austria´s Stubai Glacier received a healthy dose of fresh snow. Photo: Caro Rettig/Stubaier Gletscher

Already tossing your skis into the car? Hold your horses there, bucko. Warmer weather is forecast to return this week, so the new snow likely won't stick around for long. Even so, consider it a little reminder that yes, winter is coming.