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The princess of style is back on your screen with a new project.

Words by Maude Raymond :
“No boundaries is an idea of what last season looked like for me. JP Auclair’s death played a role in this, where it took me away from competing a little and exploring the BC scene more, something I wanted to explore for a while. I also took the time to enjoy Japan, a place he would describe to me as magical. No Boundaries is a set up season for the upcoming Nomaad Series, a project featuring other passionated, talented & inspiring people around the world, starting with womens.

maude raymond
maude raymond

Every winters I travel to ski and in the last 10 years I based myself in Whistler, Mammoth & Colorado in order to be closer to the mountains, that lifestyle & my passion. Last season was a different in the way that I didn’t have a base & I didn’t have dates or places to be for contests. I didn’t have a guideline or limits. I was moving a lot & couch surfed to be able to afford linking up with people that I loved around the world and seeking for self-achievement. I wanted to start working on some things to create a vision I had in mind for a while now.
Last season I traveled between Utah to link up with Grete Elisason, Colorado with Keri Herman & all the homies there, Japan with Anna Segal, Sweden with Emma Dahlstrom, California with Kim Kirch and finally Whistler with a crew of motivated and determined girls for MAAD’s week at Camp of champion… but I mostly continued exploring a season where I didn’t limit myself, where I desired to create with people in the idea of creating “Nomaad’
Huge thanks to my family, friends and sponsors !
From Dreams to reality,