By: admin July 27, 2016

For the past few seasons the K2 team has gathered at Mount Hood in May for a weeklong squad get-together. You might remember the fruits of last year’s session, an edit called “Furious Sun” that showed team riders shredding on all manner of new and antiquated ski equipment down through the ages.

This year’s K2 team release “Fire In the Sky” is a modest 5 minutes compared to the 16-minute “Furious Sun,” but still manages to pack a punch. One highlight is watching skiers usually seen in the streets or the backcountry (Pep Fujas, Clayton Vila, Sean Jordan), shredding the park like the rest of us mere mortals. Meanwhile, a gang of up-and-comers like Mark Hendrickson, Brooke Potter and Dylan Sondrup check off the “fresh blood” requirement.

All that aside, I have some bones to pick with this edit. One: Did Pep Fujas actually miss a grab? If so, this has earth-shaking reverberations for the world of freeskiing; I prefer to pretend that it never happened. Two: Would somebody please wake Sean Jordan up? It’s obvious to see that he’s sleeping during his switch doubles. You kids at home please remember: Don’t ski while sleeping, it can be dangerous.