By: Ethan Stone January 14, 2019

The video releases of Swiss skier Nico Vuignier are always hard to miss, and easy to remember. Outside-the-box filming approaches like “Centriphone” and “Poor Man’s Selfie Drone” and crazy lighting ideas like “High Beams” and “Torched” show Nico’s seemingly endless supply of new ideas. His latest collaboration with filmer Jules Guarneri, “Heatseeker” is another entirely novel edit built around, as far as we can tell, a drone with a flare attached to it. We’re waiting impatiently for the “Making Of” clip to confirm or deny this hypothesis.

Featuring the skiing of Jeremie Heitz, Sam Anthamatten, Laurent DeMartin, Florian Bruchez, Mathieu Schaer and Nico himself, “Heatseeker” is a reminder that you can always find a new way of doing things. Then, once you find that new way of doing things, you need to spend countless hours of trial-and-error actually making it happen. As always with Nico’s videos, there’s obviously an insane amount of effort put into this project.

The rumor mill has it that Nico is already hard at work on his next project, which reportedly will combine the use of drones, flares, smoke bombs, high-powered LED lights, hand-thrown GoPros and iPhones on strings into one epic mad mash-up.