Low-key Casabon

“Shall Oui” – Phil Casabon & Brady Perron

By: Ethan Stone June 05, 2019

It’s freakin’ hot outside, which makes this week’s edit drop all the more refreshing. Join the dynamic duo of Phil Casabon and filmer/editor Brady Perron — the guys behind some of the better street-skiing filmwork in recent memory, including last year’s “En Particulair” and currently the holders of back-to-back X Games Real Ski titles — as they head out to Utah for a spring skiing trip.

While more low-key than your average Casabon segment, this cut comes heavy with the vibes nonetheless, with a nice mix of inbounds blasting, sidecountry sessions, a quick urban feature and a stop at the Armada Skis office to mount up a fresh pair. It might just be the summer heat, but if you aren’t already dreaming about next season, this edit will get you started.