By: Roy Kittler February 10, 2017

Seems like it’s going to be a Sushi Friday. As Europe has been very difficult in the beginning of the winter many riders heades over to the land of the rising sun in search for the white gold. The same goes for Flo Bastien and Nikolai Schirmer who found the snowpocalypse as the would say it.

Drought in Europe, blizzard inferno in Japan. The snowpocalypse begins for the crows flo bastien & nikolai schirmer.

location: yuki dake lodge – myoko kogen.
music: “quantum leap” – john maus.
produced by flo bastien & nikolai schirmer.
edited by nikolai schirmer.
filmed by nikolai, flo & julien lange.
instagram : @nschirmer and @flobastien