SWIRL | Mitchell Brower

By: Downdays November 19, 2020

Mitchell Brower is one of those tireless backcountry workhorses who will probably still be out tossing doubles when he’s fifty. If that’s the case, then we can look forward to a lot more absolute banger season edits like this one. Watch Mitch go all-out in the Utah backcountry spots he knows so well with some of the more fiery bangers seen yet this year. It’s been refreshing to see oldschool tricks like the frontflip and the barani making a resurgence among BC skiers, and Mitch even shows he’s got some new-wave game in the bag. Most memorable, though, are monster switch 360s and 720s that don’t actually make any sense at all.

Year after year Mitchell Brower puts together some of the most captivating video segments. From the day he popped onto our screens with his incredible Super Unknown entry (and subsequent victory) we could tell Mitchell had a special gift.

Over the years he has put out video segments with Level 1 Productions and self produced projects that are still making loops around the screens of skiers. After a shortened season and a difficult summer Mitchell has finally provided us with his newest project, SWIRL.

3D Animation: Kevin Salonius –

Music: Acid Angel – A. G. Cook Laplander – EASYFUN