Don't sleep on it

The Sacred Grounds, Part 4: Descension | Kye Petersen

By: Ethan Stone April 12, 2023

Kye Petersen can do it like few humans on God’s green Earth can do it—sending massive tricks in terrain you shouldn’t send massive tricks in, and taming monster lines with the effortless ease of a cat burglar. Even more than that, Kye has been bringing his skiing directly to the people with his Sacred Lines series, going straight to YouTube with skiing that you’d normally need to pay to watch. If you’ve been sleeping on Sacred Lines, prepare for a beautiful awakening in “The Sacred Grounds, Part 4: Descension.” This is it, folks.

From YouTube: Part 4 ‘Descension’ of the Sacred Grounds film series is stacked with the biggest spine lines and mid line tricks we’ve seen yet in this series, enormous landscapes unique to the southern coast mountains of BC and a narration with a fresh view on preserving adventure in hopes of concealing info of exact locations to leave unknowns for future generations to explore. Filmed over 3 days in the backcountry of Pemberton BC and Squamish valley on big walls and spine zones full of heavy sluff, steep runnels and a touch of exposer. Get ready, sit back and enjoy the ride into more Sacred Grounds.
Riders: Kye Petersen, Flo Golier, Callum Pettit, Matty Richard
Producer: @kyepetersen
Post Producer: @steve.hendo
Editor: @tom.tagliaferri
Drone: @Flynnaerials
Cines: Anthony Vitali & Bryan Smith
Safety coordination: Rupert Davies & Simon Thompson
Heli op: Blackcomb Helicopters
Colour: @alimsabir