By: Ethan Stone March 20, 2019

The Bunch recommends that you use headphones or speakers and make sure that you won’t be distracted for the next 20 minutes. Why? Because the next 20 minutes of your life are about to be occupied by the latest work of art from Pär Peyben Hägglund and friends, called Color — a short documentary about Alex Hackel being hugged by Swedish kids.

Okay, just kidding — it’s actually 20 minutes filled with some of the most progressive skiing you’re likely to see anytime soon. I’d follow their advice on this one and stay focused, because this film is about to bring some serious color into your ski life.

Pär “Peyben” Hägglund
Alex Hackel
Kim Boberg
Oliver Karlberg
Magnus Granér
Lucas Stål Madison
Forster Meeks
Lauri Kivari
Hugo Burvall

Music in order of appearance:
Leo Björklund – Chaga
Kjell Höglund – Genesarets sjö
Franky Feelgood – Bodymangy
Boys – Hemtjänsten
Panda Da Panda – Lyfta maj på månen

Filmed in countries:

Produced by: Pär Hägglund & Alex Hackel
Main filming: Pär Hägglund
Additional filming: Alex Hackel
Editing: Pär Hägglund