Tabernak eh?

Never Over by JF Houle – A Tribute to Quebec

By: Ethan Stone December 12, 2019

JF Houle just won’t quit. Years after his ski career was supposed to be over, he’s still out winching in the streets with the best of them, and producing some of the year’s finer ski filmmaking while he’s at it.

“Never Over” is JF’s tribute to the unique ski culture of Quebec, a place that’s produced more freestyle and urban skiing talent than arguably anywhere. The film takes us through the rich history of Quebecois freeskiing, from JP, JF, Vinnie and the New Canadian Air Force to the Gagnier dynasty, to today’s top stars like Alex Beaulieu-Marchand and Phil Casabon.

JF has put in some serious time in the archives and has come up with a wealth of shots from the past decades. It’s basically a visual history of Quebec freeskiing. Antoine Gagnier’s shots from what’s probably before the year 2000 will drop your jaw. Though most of the action is in the park or the streets, Alexi Godbout brings some serious big mountain heat to the party, and JF closes things out himself with his own take on the through-the-streets style of segment made famous by J.P. Auclair.

In addition to being a legend in his own right on skis, JF has also grown into a masterful storyteller in film. “Never Over” is a milestone that the next generation of kids will grow up watching, and a major addition to the freeski canon.