FWT, injury and a comeback

Realis | A portrait of Max Palm

By: Adam Herman December 19, 2023

If you’re a FWT fan, Max Palm needs no introduction. The Swede who sent the first dub-backie in the competition now came out with a documentary about his injury, return and much more.

From YouTube: “REALIS” is a captivating short documentary that chronicles the inspiring story of Max Palm, a 21-year-old professional skier competing on the Freeride World Tour. After a previous season cut short by a debilitating injury, Max returns with renewed determination and a burning desire to conquer the mountain once again.

The film captures Max’s journey, drawing a metaphorical parallel between his growth as an athlete and the blossoming of a rose. As Max embarks on his new season, we witness his unwavering passion for skiing, tracing his steps from the very beginning when he first strapped on a pair of skis.

“REALIS” is an intimate portrait of Max Palm, capturing his growth, determination, and passion for skiing. This short documentary provides a powerful reminder of the human spirit’s ability to overcome adversity and find beauty in the most challenging circumstances.

Credits :

Directed & Edited : Baptiste Sjöström

Co-Produced : Bug Visionaries

Featuring : Max Palm, Family & Friends

Additional Cinematography : Felix Raffaeli

Assistant Editor : Ilan Dubi

Graded : Douglas Dutton

Music score & Sound design : Thom Pringle

Photographers Christoffer Sjöström & Dom Daher