By: Adam Herman December 14, 2023

Another episode of skiings most legendary web series is up. Join the gang on a spring trip to Norway, where they visit the last stop of Jib League.

From YouTube: Springtime – rail jam season in Norway. After a weekend of eating hot dogs and lefse at Tryvann, the crew gets the invite from Woodsy to join the final Jib League session in Myrkdalen. While hesitant to join the prestigious jam session, the team impress the crowd with their unorthodox bag of tricks. Mitchell picks up his “competition” career from where he left off in 2014. Andy becomes Norwegian after learning to flip off of a rail. And Robert was never seen again after the Open Klasse “Mayhem Train.”
Video by: Jake Strassman
TC Crew: Will Wesson, Andy Parry, Robert Ruud, Mitchell Brower, Pete Koukov, Bendik Øye, James Woods.
Special Thanks: Jib League, Klaus Finne at Open Klasse
Filmed at: Tryvann, Myrkdalen.
“E.S.P.” by Medio Mutante
“Bombellier’s Conundrum” by Bart Graft
“Breakout” by Drinking Electricity