Joona in NZ

Easy as pie. | Joona Kangas goes to Oz

By: Adam Herman December 07, 2023

It’s not a secret that K2 Skis team rider Joona Kangas has one of the best styles in the game right now. His latest edit “Easy as a pie.” is only 2 minutes long, but filled with taps, drifts, butters, drags, doubles, steezy grabs – you name it. MF DOOM soundtrack fits Joona’s style very well, pay attention to the details and maybe rewatch it a couple of times to get hyped on skiing.

From YouTube: NZ ski trip 2023. Filmed by Beau-James Wells, Jackson Wells, Owen Dahlberg, Reid Ferguson, Brady Perron & Kai Mahler. Skiing and editing by Joona Kangas. Thumbnail photo by Mark Clinton. MF DOOM forever ❤️