By: Ethan Stone December 07, 2023

Bucket Clips is a mixtape made by el.Makrell. Rosina Friedel produced a second edition of an all-female flick and gave spotlight to a less known women of freeskiing. You can see a bit of everything – streets, powder, and park, hopefully it encourages more skiers to shred and maybe even appear in next year’s Bucket Clips!

From YouTube: Bucket Clips, an idea cooked up over the course of several phone calls with Newschoolers and Rosina Friedel, returns for a second season.
We worked to gather this exhibition of art by lesser-known female shredders and made a movie highlighting the diversity and talent in the game right now. This wouldn’t be possible without all you motivated female shredders out there!

production. Rosina Friedel.
edit. Ludwig Hagelstein
animations. Lukas Prüfer
support. Armada & Newschoolers

Featuring riding by:
0:00 – Intro
0:59 – Erin Spong, Jenna Keller, Tereza Korabova, Therry Heckele
2:43 – Aliah Eichinger, Audrey Friess, Eleonora Ferrari, Elsa Sjöstedt, Johanna Sellman, Laura Wallner
1:40 – Lotte Hartmuth
5:05 – Laura Pöbl, Rosina Friedel
8:00 – Alliy Hansen, Maya Schwally, Anna Granberg, Madeleine Grasbon, Claudia Rohrer, Steffi Mössler
9:41 – Alice Michel, Ellen Damsgaard, Maya Casier, Isabella Tvede-Jensen
12:12 – Piper Kunst, Flurina Bieger, Delilah Cupp, Ana Eyssimont
14:50 – Outro – Olivia Asselin, Margot Andres, Rylie Warnik, Sabine Weiss, Olivia Cull